Make your own CD covers

Personalizing and making your own CD covers either through online or at your desktop is not a dodo task. Although, many websites are apportioned to facilitate you in providing eye-catching and attractive CD covers designs, but you may also do this task with a small amount of effort. With regards to online
help in making CD cover, you just have to select any image through website or may provide your own any needed image by uploading option then give some text which has to be shown onto the image for CD cover, finally click on next button to have you a auto customized CD cover, save this cover image in your computer and take its print out and paste on your CD unreadable surface.

If you don’t like an online option then find out a good graphic and design software which have the following features such as maximum image format support, image editing option, image comparison quality (bitmap or vector), easily import and export content with leading file compatibility preference, maximum image editing tools as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 and Adobe Flash Professional CS5 provides the splendid image editing tools. After having such featured graphic and design software then install in your computer and start to make designs for your next CD cover.

It would be very beneficial if you adept it in your daily practice and give time a few hours to work on then after a few weeks or months you will become an expert in graphic and design related work. More working on such software makes you more perfectionist. For example, cutting and grabbing a piece or part of image from the whole image by lasso image editing tool, reshaping with different blends and shades of colors, fading up, blowing up, importing and exporting of image files to make their use in another way with intent, and adding text with colors and other shapes like masking, fixing, and adjusting, and the use of wand tool, the smudge tool is very interesting and helpful image editing tool, others are burn tool, doge tool, sponge tool, blur and sharpen tools, gradient and clone stamp tools… all these are very tricky to use, but after an extensive practice and comprehension, it becomes your second life. Supposedly, you have not such software or don’t want to install due to any specific reason, you can make practice and bring in use for making your own CD covers @ website (an online live software package) which gives you online facility to make designs for your CD cover.

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