Nero Cover Designer 2017

This free software supports labels or inserts of all important suppliers such as Avery Zweckform, Herma and LaserWare as well as printers that process printable blanks. You can use graphical objects such as lines, rectangles or ellipses, import graphics in common formats, work with text boxes and graphic text, import directory contents or use data fields for music information.

With Nero Cover Designer basic layouts are available for all common data carrier types. Whether CD, DVD, Blu-ray or business CDs in oval or rectangular format – the matching sets for booklet, inlay and labeldruck are ready. DVDs are even differentiated between normal and slim versions. To ensure that nothing is wrong with the printout, all templates from the most important suppliers such as Avery Zweckform, Neato, Herma and LaserWare are supported. In an emergency, however, you can also define your own layouts or adjust existing ones. Likewise, you can print the labels of a LightScribe blank or use printers that process printable CD, blank CD and DVD cover.

For a variety of media such as audio CDs and movie DVDs, you can choose from a wide range of templates to help you get fast results. For the design of inserts and stickers, draw ellipses, lines, or rectangles, and use text. When designing texts, you can access not only different fonts, but also have the option of storing text boxes with images or freely select the color of the outline and the fonts.

The “Bend” function aligns a label on the CD circle. The designer imports all important image formats from JPEG to GIF. For example, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the fine sand, or apply filters, such as mosaic and relief. If you do not want to position an image freely in a desired size, use it as a background image. All objects like text and graphics align perfectly with each other and arrange them on different levels.

For a booklet, it may be useful to include tracklists from Nero-AAC files in the case of music CDs or information on directory contents in data CDs. As an alternative to importing from AAC files, the music info can be manually entered into an internal database. If you want to print the finished designs, choose which elements (booklet, inlay or label) you want to print.

How to use the Nero Cover Designer: A detailed guide to the “Nero Cover Designer” can be found in the separately available Nero manual, which is available in PDF format.

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