Cover Retriever

Your music collection is properly tagged with MP3 tags, but you still miss the album cover? Instead of searching for them individually on the Internet, “CoverRetriever” takes over this task for you. Just specify the folder that contains your music files. As soon as you select a title, the tool will suggest matching cover pictures. The software starts a Google search using album title, artist and song title and finds the right pictures in seconds. You can select whether the album image should be stored in the music file itself or as a separate graphic file in the music folder. If thre is missing information about the songs, “CoverRetriever” determines the missing data by means of a search on the music portal

The official web site of the CoverRetriever is here.

Undercover 10

Brief description for “Undercover10”

You have the possibility to create and print your own covers with front and back, inlays or adhesive labels for your CDs and DVDs. Video cassettes, Playstation 3 or Nintendo games and Blu-rays are also supported by the software. Undercover10 comes with the file formats JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP.

UnderCoverXP is a very good program for creating covers. In addition to the outer covers, CD / DVD labels can also be created. It is best to use the program with the covers of cover-paradies. On this page you can download all the covers and with UnderCover XP you set the gauges and shape.

Nero Cover Designer 2017

This free software supports labels or inserts of all important suppliers such as Avery Zweckform, Herma and LaserWare as well as printers that process printable blanks. You can use graphical objects such as lines, rectangles or ellipses, import graphics in common formats, work with text boxes and graphic text, import directory contents or use data fields for music information.

With Nero Cover Designer basic layouts are available for all common data carrier types. Whether CD, DVD, Blu-ray or business CDs in oval or rectangular format – the matching sets for booklet, inlay and labeldruck are ready. DVDs are even differentiated between normal and slim versions. To ensure that nothing is wrong with the printout, all templates from the most important suppliers such as Avery Zweckform, Neato, Herma and LaserWare are supported. In an emergency, however, you can also define your own layouts or adjust existing ones. Likewise, you can print the labels of a LightScribe blank or use printers that process printable CD, blank CD and DVD cover. Continue reading Nero Cover Designer 2017

CD covers software

There is abundance of Music CD Covers and Software which are being used by many graphic designers and users. For example, XDeskCover 1.1 version which is a free desktop widget program that provides the current song cover in a customizable skin. It is fully equipped with Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, Winamp, iTunes with its Skin Editor on real time preview option. It is very small in size and operate-able in Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Another CD Covers Software is CdCoverCreator 2.5.3 version which creates your own CD covers for both Audio and Data CDs and DVDs. It is also very customizable and small in size. The UnderCoverXP 1.23 version is also a small program to easily print CD and DVD covers. The Disc Studio version is another top rating CD Labeling and Design Software. The UltraCover 4.5.0 version is a very popular free search engine/printer tool for movie, audio and video games covers. The ImageToMp3 1.3 version copies your CD covers or other images into your MP3 files. The Easy Media Cover 1.6.0 version is also printing software for DVD/PS2/PSX/VCD/Audio/VHS/DVD Manuals and Labels purposely. The DVD-Cover Printmaster version is very easily creatable and printable great looking covers for any case. The Meritline EZ Label Xpress 1.0 version is newly but very top rating CD covers design software. It labels and inserts design for CD and DVD cover.

Cover makers

CD and DVD cover makers are professionally offer the facility to ease you and safe your time by having predefined an auto system of giving you the CD and DVD covers through their software or on websites. They are designers and have many galleries from which you can select any image or you can even
upload or provide any image which you are wishing to be shown on the CD or DVD as a cover. Continue reading Cover makers

Make your own CD covers

Personalizing and making your own CD covers either through online or at your desktop is not a dodo task. Although, many websites are apportioned to facilitate you in providing eye-catching and attractive CD covers designs, but you may also do this task with a small amount of effort. With regards to online
help in making CD cover, you just have to select any image through website or may provide your own any needed image by uploading option then give some text which has to be shown onto the image for CD cover, finally click on next button to have you a auto customized CD cover, save this cover image in your computer and take its print out and paste on your CD unreadable surface.

Continue reading Make your own CD covers

Coverland – Music CD Covers

All these Music CD covers and design software are freeware and downloadable. The above mentioned software are not very difficult to utilize them. A little bit English savvy, having familiarity how to use computer, may easily make their use efficiently and effectively. Basically, what has to do i.e. select any good features providing graphic and design software, install in your computer system, and run it. Make designs, import or export images which are acceptable to the software, then take its print and paste on your Music or other CD or DVD cover. It is a tiresome and time wasting task, but it is at one time effort, to find out and search a good graphic and design software which gives or provides you needed features such as, import and export option, image formats acceptability, image editing facility, and whether the concerned graphic and design software is plugged-in with the print option. Once you get such software then it makes your life going easy.

Many websites are available on the Internet which provides the facility to entertain you with their huge collection of Music CD Covers. Such collection is already customized on a standard based category-wise, designed, and prepared its database to safe your time and you can easily find out your needed Music CD Cover. Other than this, you just have to provide your own image which has to be used as a cover with specific input. The Music CD covers are generally describing the band name, singer photograph, and the list of songs. Other maximum information may be the version number, trademark or publisher name, the year, etc.

The music symbols like guitar, violin, drums, and other related devices images may be the part of the whole Music CD cover. It is also up to you or the singer that how much you are keen and take interest as music as it is heart-touchy topic to everyone. In my point of view, more emphasis must be on singer photograph with a little bit attractive background that much gives a pleasing look to the users or music lovers. The musical mediums are not so worthwhile to make their presence on Music CD cover, but with penny size such mediums can be imprinted on the cover’s aside.

CD and DVD Covers

Compact Disc (CD) and Digital Versatile/Video Disc (DVD) covers are used as a preventive safeguard to keep protect the CDs and DVDs safely particularly avoiding from rubbing, scratching, or abrading. CDs and DVDs are the best protected storage media and also safe the physical and external roomy storage. Nowadays, many catalogs, magazines, books, or any kind of written stuff, and other scriptures (whether antique or latest) are being preserved to safeguard them into digital format as it safes time, space, and the Continue reading CD and DVD Covers